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Travel Tips in Blacksburg, VA

Parents Club

Are there other special rates or promotions offered to ParentsCLUB members?

Yes. As an alternative to the standard 15% ParentsCLUB discount, we now offer a ParentsCLUB Bed & Breakfast package that is 5% off our public rate and includes breakfast.
We will also offer ParentsCLUB exclusives throughout the year, including early-bird specials with a more significant discount, football weekend rates that include breakfast, and special seasonal promos.

Are there any restrictions on the ParentsCLUB discount?

The ParentsCLUB discount is available on most dates with very few restrictions.
The exceptions include football weekends (which, while not discounted, have breakfast for ParentsCLUB members) and spring commencement (which is available only to Parents Club members, so there is no public rate).

Does my ParentsCLUB membership expire after my student graduates?

ParentsCLUB memberships don't expire per se, so you will continue to receive promotional emails. We do, however, remove inactive members from our contact list.
Inactivity is generally defined as a member that has no future bookings, has not stayed with us for the past three years, and has not opened any of the last six emails we have sent.
Members can also request to opt-out of future promotional emails using the link at the bottom of any of our emails.